How Zøtapay Helps Companies To Overcome China’s New Firewall Regulations

Since China introduced its new ICP-complaint domain, known as TLS 1.3, connectivity reliability for Chinese shoppers has seen some drastic improvements. The new technology reduces the loading time of pages and makes navigating online more reliable, despite China’s new Firewall.

1. National Update

Fairly recently, the Chinese government updated its national censorship tool. This tool, known as the Great Firewall, censors online traffic in China and controls it. The latest national update blocks encrypted HTTPS connections, including TLS 1.3 and ESNI technology. Even though a limited amount of HTTPS traffic is allowed through the firewall when using TLS 1.1 or 1.2, authorities know where a user is trying to connect from. As a result of the new update, the Chinese government faces multiple, difficult challenges as they try to get control of appropriately filtered traffic. Many are showing concern as the update somewhat undermines locality censorship enforcement. Zotapay has already introduced steps to minimize inconvenience to companies due to the update due to the company’s extensive experience and expertise in the region.

2. Assisting Companies

In light of the new reality in China, Zotapay immediately brought into play an ICP-compliant domain for China-based users. For those wanting to host an internet domain within the so-called Great Firewall, the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) issued Internet Content Provider permits to China-based websites to operate in the mainland. As it stands, the new ICP domain dramatically improves the reliability of connections for Chinese customers due to being hosted across numerous locations within the country. As loading times for pages are reduced, the reliability of Zotapay’s payment flow is enhanced. Due to non-ICP domains not being hosted in China, traditionally, consumers needed to connect via infrastructures abroad, resulting in poorer performance in terms of latency.

3. Pioneering Change

Despite the reality that long-term solutions are unclear due to the Chinese government’s iron-like grip on the internet through the Great Firewall, Zotapay is one company that’s pioneering change. Zotapay ensures that businesses connected with the Chinese market suffer minimally as a result of the new regulations. By way of responding to the new reality, Zotapay got to work instituting new daily operational flows. With this new ICP-based flow, Zotapay continues to improve services for companies who wish to access Chinese mainland consumers. As the Chinese internet differs from the internet services and facilities that most people in the west are accustomed to, non-Chinese domains are treated with lower priority. They are subject to the availability of weak internet infrastructures. As such, Zotapay can significantly improve the service levels that can be achieved inside the Chinese mainland.

4. Reasons Why Global Companies Choose Zøtapay:

• Dozens Of Local Chinese Payment Providers;

• Many Tears Of Experience Within The Chinese Mainland;

• Full Ability To Support Local Operational Teams In Chinese (Email, Communications, Reports, Etc.);

• Robust Relationships With The Primary Financial Organizations In China;

• Top Of The Range Technology To Overcome Various Challenges Unique To China;

• High Approval Ratios For businesses;

• Instant Payout Facilities (API, Single/Batch Uploading Features);

• An In-Depth Knowledge Of Chinese Censorship Regulations;

• Expertise In Online Fraud Detection And Handling Malicious Complainers.

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