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The evolving digital payments landscape in Africa: trends, opportunities, and the role of mobile payments

Africa’s FinTech landscape is experiencing a remarkable transformation, largely driven by the increased trend of mobile payments, which have revolutionized how people pay for goods […]

Avoid Abandoned Shopping Carts With Varied Online Payment Options 

Why are abandoned carts so common? Statistically, two-thirds of online consumers will abandon their shopping carts before proceeding to checkout. This can happen for a […]

How Digital Wallets Are Helping to Bridge the Financial Divide in Emerging Markets

Digital wallets are a popular FinTech phenomenon that have taken the world of online payments by storm in recent years. They are methods of storing […]

Understand How a Good Cascading System Increases Online Sales

A sound cascading system is vital for any online business wanting to expand and increase sales. In the world of digital payments, cascading single transactions […]

Hybrid Shopping: Where Online Meets Offline in Perfect Harmony

The way people shop for goods and services has morphed and evolved massively over the past few years, as global consumers slowly transition from omnichannel […]

Constructing the Compliance Chain – The FATF and its Decisive Role in AML and CFT

Modern-day financial crimes are diverse, complex, global, and most often very hard to detect. These crimes which include money laundering, financing terrorism, bribery and corruption […]

Why Do You Need Strong Passwords?

One of the most vital things for any online company is strong passwords. Strong passwords are the first line of defense against fraudsters and are […]

How Zotapay’s One Application, One Integration Methodology Benefits Businesses

Using our unique One Application – One Integration approach, we put online businesses in full control of their financial activities while at the same time saving them time and hassle.

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