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Combating terrorist financing and the role of payment service providers

As our globalized society grows more digitalized by the day, the battle against terrorism now includes financial networks. As a leading payment gateway provider that […]

anti money laundering

Money Laundering as a three-step process and how Zotapay can combat it

How payment service providers like Zotapay implement industry-standard security measures to help combat money laundering

How alternative payment methods are revolutionizing the way we pay

What are alternative payment methods, and how have they transformed the digital payments world? Zotapay has the answers!

Zotapay’s presence at Wimbledon Tennis Tournament 2023

Zotapay: proud to sponsor four players at Wimbledon 2023 

Zotapay took to the courts at the recent Wimbledon 2023 tournament, where we were excited to sponsor four players. Among many industries that Zotapay supports is the sports industry, so we were thrilled to be a part of this prestigious sporting event.

Optimizing travel payment solutions: why Zotapay is the best payment gateway for travel industry businesses to maximize sales and security

As the world continues to embrace cashless transactions, payment gateways like Zotapay have become a crucial component of eCommerce and payment processing for the travel industry.

The evolving digital payments landscape in Africa: trends, opportunities, and the role of mobile payments

Africa’s FinTech landscape is experiencing a remarkable transformation, largely driven by the increased trend of mobile payments, which have revolutionized how people pay for goods […]

Avoid Abandoned Shopping Carts With Varied Online Payment Options 

Why are abandoned carts so common? Statistically, two-thirds of online consumers will abandon their shopping carts before proceeding to checkout. This can happen for a […]

How Digital Wallets Are Helping to Bridge the Financial Divide in Emerging Markets

Digital wallets are a popular FinTech phenomenon that have taken the world of online payments by storm in recent years. They are methods of storing […]

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