Zøtapay’s New Developers Portal: Making Life Simple for Global Commerce

We’re excited to announce the eagerly awaited debut of Zotapay’s amazing new Developers Portal. Developers can use the site to access a variety of cutting-edge tools to take any online business to the next level, which includes expanding worldwide and to new markets. Companies previously constrained by location now have a much larger reach than they ever believed imaginable as the world of payments shifts away from cash and toward digital transactions, which is excellent for the bottom line.

There are many different payment options and solutions available today, so finding the right payment option for a company can be challenging, especially if they target remote areas and emerging markets. Many payment solutions are complicated, time-consuming, expensive, and heavily regulated, with numerous associated fees and sometimes hidden costs. A company’s primary focus, audience, and structure are what determine the company’s financial needs. Through our One Application – One Integration philosophy, we’re able to simplify enterprise life and make it more profitable. With Zotapay, doing business online is simple, even for small businesses and those just starting out in the industry.  

Our Developers Portal brings the renowned gold-standard payment system of Zotapay to online businesses. Zotapay’s Payment Gateway can be easily integrated into any application with ease via all platforms by following our short and easily understandable guide. The seamless, clear, and secure checkout process is vital for any company wanting to expand its services or products worldwide. Zotapay provides companies with a broad range of global and local payment solutions to meet the unique challenges of online shopping in emerging markets. As well as this, there are the additional benefits of PCI-hosted cashier pages and multi-currency, including multi-language capabilities. 

1. Integrating With Zotapay

The Zotapay payment gateway can be integrated in a variety of ways, depending on the company’s needs. We are committed to open-source software, which allows us to release, support, and maintain a variety of free and open eCommerce plugins, as well as Software Development Kits (SDKs). For more complex cases, our RESTful HTTP API allows users to build their own custom implementation and connect directly to our HTTP API.

2. Zotapay’s Integration Models  

We offer several ways to integrate with our proprietary payment gateway, but our hosted PCI payment page, otherwise known as our cashier page, is probably the most common integration type. The payment methods we offer in local currencies and in the local language are based on identifying the customer’s country of origin. Additionally, companies who are PCI-certified themselves can integrate with our technology via an S2S (server-to-server) Direct Model. Nevertheless, to access our broad range of local payment options in emerging markets, we require integration with our cashier payment page. eWallets and online bank transfer-based payment solutions require redirecting the customer to the bank’s terminal as they must complete their transaction there. For such payment methods, the server-to-server model is not viable.  

3. Supported Plugin Integrations

Several talented members of the Zotapay team have worked tirelessly to offer simple and fast integrations for Shopify, Woocommerce, and Magento, which have saved valuable time and effort for businesses. We are therefore able to deploy ready-made solutions for the most popular e-commerce platforms in seconds using Zotapay’s plugin technology and our quick Plug-N-Pay process. Zota for WooCommerce, for instance, is a secure alternative payment system for WooCommerce. Customers can use this plugin to make payments in different currencies and by using a variety of payment methods.

Due to our links with over 800 banks, acquirers, e-Wallets, and PSPs worldwide, companies get the most out of our support. It is possible for vendors to accept payments locally via any online platform internationally as we offer multi-layer solutions across various regions and emerging markets. By meeting the payment needs of global clients, online businesses are able to increase their market reach and expand their market reach. A wide range of payment methods are available through Plug’ N’ Pay, eWallets, Credit & Debit Card Solutions, and Online Bank Transfers.

4. SDKs – Software Development Kit

An SDK is a code-based tool that developers can use to implement a transaction journey quickly and easily. Zotapay’s SDKs are applicable to the most commonly used technologies and computer-based languages, giving companies a head start in integration. Most computer users and smartphone users interact with computers and mobile apps through SDKs. Thus, Zotapay can be easily integrated into any pre-existing technology to fit the needs of any business flow. 

5. Simple API Integration

Our API Documentation contains information to make life easy for developers who wish to integrate with us. Custom implementations can be built that connect directly to our HTTP API. Zotapay also offers integrations for Deposit and Payout. In our Deposit and Payout documentation, you can find information on how to connect to our HTTP API.

Deposit API

· Accept Online Payments From Customers;

· Query For Transaction Status On Demand;

· Get Real-Time Updates For Events That Occur Within The Customer’s Payment Process.

Payout API

· Accept Payout/Withdrawal Requests From Customers;

· Query For Transaction Status On Demand;

· Get Real-Time Updates For Any Event Related To A Payout process.

Other Helpful Tools For Developers:

· Signature Generator Tool – A helpful tool for businesses to use for signature testing and debugging.

· Transaction Report Tool – Users can issue an Orders Report Request at any time in order to receive a detailed transaction log of their account.

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