Zøtapay’s payment gateway: transforming the way global companies do business

Millions of purchases are carried out online every day using digital payment methods and services, including wire transfers, eWallets, and local cards, which constitute a substantial percentage of transactions. At the same time, according to research, a significant proportion of consumers will abandon their carts and fail to complete their purchase if they encounter a cumbersome checkout process or are unable to purchase in the payment method of their choice. Zotapay’s payment gateway is the ultimate solution for companies to avoid these problems.

As more and more countries around the world shift away from cash, and towards digital payments, businesses need to be ready to handle increased volumes of transactions to ensure that the payment experience for customers is as seamless, secure, and straightforward as possible. Many people are also put off completing payments when they’re asked to re-enter their payment details. This makes offering customers a fast, secure, and enjoyable checkout experience a top priority, especially for companies wanting to increase their online presence and expand globally.

Businesses also need to be aware that for online shoppers, confidentiality and security are critically important. Another piece of the puzzle is that many consumers – regardless of age, gender, and other factors – prefer to stick with payment methods they’ve used traditionally and are accustomed to. Platforms like Zotapay’s payment gateway give companies the tools they need when it comes to the world of global online payments, using cutting-edge, proprietary technology to ensure a smooth and flawless shopping experience – all managed under one convenient, flexible hub. 

1. eCommerce market growth

According to various estimates, eCommerce is growing exponentially and is slated to top around $5 trillion by the start of 2022. At the same time, eCommerce sales already account for roughly 17.5% of global retail sales, with that number growing year-on-year. An additional factor expanding the world of eCommerce is emerging markets like China, Russia, and Brazil (among others). As developing countries’ economies grow, people have more money to spend, and many choose to spend it online.

Within just a few years, experts predict that an additional three billion online customers will have access to online shopping facilities, and that’s another reason why companies need to be poised and ready for increased volumes, both now and in the future. Possibly the most crucial factor in the whole process is a fast and secure checkout experience. Zotapay’s payment gateway helps businesses from many industries enjoy full control over their transactions, with the added advantage of tweakable settings within a highly flexible software tool. This ultimately benefits the customer experience and streamlines the entire process for buyers and sellers alike.

2. Zøtapay’s payment gateway concept

Zotapay’s payment gateway is an integrated, all-in-one financial tool encompassing more than 1000 integrations, multiple currencies, cross-border remittance, and a cutting-edge AI-based fraud prevention system to meet and exceed all financial needs. Zotapay’s payment gateway also empowers companies with tailor-made tools, enabling them to run their online business efficiently and productively. 

Zotapay’s payment gateway assists global businesses in a range of different ways:

  • Fluid payments – an all-in-one payment gateway, offering a variety of global payment methods for fast and streamlined checkouts.
  • Reduce costs – Zotapay’s payment gateway enables fewer people to manage larger accounts, reducing overall operational costs, and saving time.
  • Return business – Zotapay’s payment gateway enables seamless payment processing to encourage customers to return for a simple shopping experience.
  • Advanced reporting – Zotapay’s payment gateway was carefully designed with companies in mind so that they can keep track of all transactions.
  • Fraud protection – Zotapay’s payment gateway features real-time tracking and multiple filters to prevent and avert chargebacks or fraud.

3. Benefits of Zøtapay’s payment gateway

Zotapay’s payment gateway helps companies to run their online businesses efficiently and effectively. While top-class fraud protection is a given, our gateway also provides online businesses with the following tools:

Real-time data – no more waiting around for daily reports. Get all the information you need clearly, and in real-time, including live transactions for payments, orders, settlements, wire transfers, and more.

Personal dashboard – businesses using Zotapay’s payment gateway benefit from a simple-to-read personal interface, connecting them with their customer transactions. The dashboard is continuously updated as technical and financial reporting is delivered seamlessly and efficiently. Zotapay clients can analyze data fast for effective business management at any time of the day or night.

Fully customizable – our gateway allows businesses to customize their User Interface (UI) to precisely and specifically meet their needs. Whether it’s viewing or monitoring transactions, or setting employee permissions, with Zotapay’s payment gateway, everything is just a few clicks away.  

Payout manager tool – this advanced tool has been carefully tweaked to give Zotapay’s partners maximum control over their finances and to choose whether to process payout transactions by API or in batches.

Advanced administration platform – we offer maximum flexibility for businesses to easily set parameters and permissions per employee, salesperson, or technical officer.

Sophisticated reporting – Zotapay’s payment gateway gives clients the information they need at a glance, including detailed data, performance, risk, and financial reports.

Advanced risk and fraud prevention – our gateway features the most advanced AI-based analysis, real-time tracking, and multiple filters to prevent and avert chargebacks or fraud.

Advanced filters – businesses have the ability to monitor their transactions specifically by currency, date, approval status, or any parameter required at the time.

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